Ibridazioni. “MeTis”. Mondi educativi 1

Ibridazioni. “MeTis”. Mondi educativi 1

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Ibridazioni. “MeTis”. Mondi educativi 1


Per una formazione alle differenze

Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
ISBN 2240-9580 Tipologia Tag ,


Rivista scientifica internazionale di ricerca pedagogica e didattica fascia A per i settori 11/D1 – 11/D2

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L’ibridazione, in pedagogia e didattica, si candida a categoria descrittiva e interpretativa di quei processi di meticciamento (di culture, di esperienze, di formae mentis, di istanze cognitive ed emotive, materiali e simboliche, corporee e intellettuali) che delineano nuove possibilità tras-formative su cui riflettere, immaginare, inventare, progettare.

Table of contents – Year I – Number 1

“Gambling” on training. Reasons for a new pedagogical review.
by Isabella Loiodice

– The contribution of pragmatism to the pedagogical discourse analysis
by Franco Cambi
– The category of “formative”
by Massimo Baldacci

– “Hybridization” between new humanism and pedagogical utopia
by Franca Pinto Minerva
– If not now, when? Lifelong education.
by Franco Frabboni
– The adult dimension. Between reality and shared planning
by Isabella Loiodice
– Lifelong learning education and hybridization process
by Mateusz Warchal
– Suggestions for improving professional orientation of adult people in times of crisis
by María Luisa Rodríguez Moreno
– ‘Painted cities’, musical hybridizations, intercultural education
By Rosa Gallelli
– Wandering among hybridizations
by Giuseppe Annacontini
– Homo sapiens and homo demens. From antinomy to alliance
by Daniela Dato
– The ‘unique’ normality of thoughtful love. Brief reflections on the thought of Pestalozzi
by Barbara De Serio
– Migration stress and discomfort in school
by Paola D’Ignazi
– Narrative hybridizations. New perspectives for youth literature
by Ilaria Filograsso
– Women and cultures at the crossroads
by Rosella Persi
– ‘Polyglosses’. For an aesthetics of research and, therefore, of researchers training
by Antonia Chiara Scardicchio

Ex ordium
– Ten steps for the inter-ethnic coexistence
by Veronica Riccardi
– Learning to argue. For a pedagogy of ‘encounter’
by Emanuela Recchia
– Legacies of non-identity
by Jolanta Grebowiec Baffoni
– Training to change the world of work. Rethinking enterprise in communitarian terms
by Severo Cardone
– When story lines tell about of the World. The fairy tale: a multiple identity for a complex device
by Rossella Caso

– H. Gardner, H. Gruber, Menti Ribelli, da Psychology Today, July 1981

Good practices
– Maternal depression and its effects on mother-infant dyad
by Grazia Terrone
– Research on teaching in XV ISATT Conference. Themes and perspectives
by Loredana Perla
– Philosophical community practice
by Marianna Scarangella
– An hybridization process among different cultures, languages and didactical approaches. The Intensive Programme Erasmus experience
by Francesco Mansolillo
– Community dance: perspectives of social inclusion and equity in educational and training system
by Guido Benvenuto, Elena Viti, Theodor Rawyler
– About isomorphism among Art, Research and Didactics
by Antonia Chiara Scardicchio
– Beautiful sun
by Vito Minoia, Peter Kammerer

“On the left you hear a trumpet ring”. University instruction right in italian Law n. 240/2010
by Raffaele Manfrellotti

Opera Prima
– The intercultural voyage of Pedagogy
by Saura Antonioni
– Empedocle 1.0
by Riccardo Ragusa

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